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Some Features Offered for PVC Windows

The house in which PVC windows are installed.

Upgrading to energy-efficient windows in Winnipeg can lead to significant savings.  PVC windows are an excellent choice for energy efficiency. With a wide range of window designs available, whether you're selecting new windows or replacing existing ones during a renovation, PVC windows offer a compelling choice.

PVC windows come with many features; let's explore some of them.


Warranty is one of the biggest reasons people choose PVC windows. They are built to last and can have warranties ranging from 10 years to lifetime.  Some companies even offer a lifetime transferrable warranty meaning you are covered as long as you are living in the house and as long as the next owners remain in the house.

Some PVC window manufacturers will honor their warranty easily and quickly while others may make the warranty claim process challenging and lengthy.


Color for PVC Window Frames

Almost all PVC window frames are constructed using white material.  For color, most  manufacturers will either paint the windows or use a vinyl wrap. 

  • PVC Spray Paint: Painting the window frames is the most common way to change the colour. This method uses a PVC-specific paint that bonds with the plastic surface. The paint is usually sprayed on, which creates a smoother finish than brush painting. Using paint offers almost an ulimited color palette.  Most manufacturers have certain standard colors to choose from.  Custom colors are often available for an additional charge.  Some manufacturers give you the option in selecting different colors for the interior and exterior of the windows. Most manufacturers use high-quality paint that can last for many years.  Warranties on the paint finish vary between manufacturers generally ranging between five and fifteen years.

  • Vinyl Wrap: Vinyl wrapping is applying a thin layer of colored vinyl film onto the window frames. The choice of colors may be limited compared to spray paint.  Vinyl wrap is generally more durable and scratch-resistant than a paint finish which is why warranties with vinyl wrap are usually longer than with paint.  Manufacturer warranties usually range between ten and twenty years.




Glass Options

The glass thickness affects the energy efficiency and sound reduction.  Most window companies today are using sealed units as opposed to individual pieces of glass.  Sealed units are constructed to hold more than one piece of glass together.  Usually two or three layers of glass are sandwiched between a spacer bar containing some sort of desiccant to keep the air space dry.  The unit is then vacuumed sealed or has gas pumped in and sealed with butyl.  The gap is filled with air or a warmer inert gas such as argon or krypton.  The upgrade to one of these warmers gases will give you a more energy efficient sealed unit.

Double-glazed windows have two panes of glass with an air space of 6mm-16mm between them. 

Triple-glazed windows have three panes of glass with a layer of gas between each one. They are a more energy-efficient option with an overall thickness of up to 34mm.

Generally, wider air space in between the glass panes means a higher energy efficiency.


PVC Window Hardware

Window manufacturers give you hardware options for your PVC windows. These items affect the security and look of your windows.

  • Window Handles :The handles affect the look and function of your windows. Each manufacturer offers different colours and shapes. Nesting handles fold flat for a more seamless appearance.

  • Hinges :Strong hinges provide additional security for the window. They help ensure that your windows maintain their energy efficiency.  For casement windows, most companies will offer two types of crank openers, one specifically giving you more space and allowing to meet egress code requirements easier.

  • Weatherstripping: Weatherstripping protects against water and air. It also helps prevent dust and dirt from getting inside your home.   On slider windows generally a pile type weatherstripping is used which allows windows to slide while still maintaining a friction seal.  Casement or awning windows usually use rubber strips which are built into the window frame that seal with compression when you crank it closed. There are differences between manufacturers when it comes to weatherstripping. This is where a good quality PVC window and a low quality PVC window will certainly be noticed.


Choose the Right Company for Your PVC Windows in Winnipeg

PVC windows are a beautiful and secure choice for your home. They can last for a very long time and you can choose the window options that best match your style. You will find its benefits especially under harsh winter weather in Winnipeg.

PVC windows by themselves can only do so much, they must be installed properly to perform their best and for maximum energy efficiency.

J & M Window and Door can help you find the perfect PVC windows in Winnipeg, Brandon and southern Manitoba. We have more than 40 years of providing quality products, professional installation and excellent service.

We are a dealer for many different PVC window manufacturers.  We look at your needs and match you with the best supplier available.

Schedule an appointment with J & M Window and Door today to discuss your next window needs.  



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