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Modern Exterior Doors in Winnipeg and Brandon

An entry or exterior door is a swinging door with hinges to your house via front, back or garage.  Changing or updating your current door might be what you need.  There are many reasons why someone would replace their exterior door.  Poorly maintained or damaged entrance doors not only create a first impression, but it could also serve as a security risk.  With an updated, stylish, and secure door, you can make your entrance warm and welcoming for your guests and will also enhance your family's security.

J & M Window & Door is your one-stop solution for exterior doors in the Winnipeg and Brandon areas. We offer a wide range of doors crafted with different materials like wood, fiberglass, steel, and vinyl. These doors are available in a variety of designs, colours and materials. We source out our doors from numerous suppliers to give our customers exactly what they want. Get in touch with us for top-quality doors, and check out FAQs for queries.

Do You Replace or Repair?

A full door is comprised of a door frame, a door panel and glass insert.  In some cases where you may not require a full door replacement, here are some of the options we can help you with; 


  • We can put in a new door panel into your existing door frame due to damage, if you want to change style, or to allow for a different glass size.

  • We offer glass replacement into your existing door panel as a solution for a quick and easy refresh.

  • We offer weather stripping; door sweeps or adjustment if your door isn’t sealing properly.

With any option you choose, updating your door with J & M Window and Door, will not only get you the style and finish you want but will ensure your door is functioning and sealing properly.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Exterior Door

With numerous exterior doors in different styles, designs, colors and textures, here is a list of helpful and important factors to consider when choosing the right door for you:

Material of the door
There are two distinct parts to any door.  The panel which is the door itself and then the door frame which holds the panel in place.  Choosing the right material of both the door panel and the door frame is important to get the desired finished product.   


Door Panel Options

  • Smooth Fiberglass: most popular of your options, 90% of doors we sell at J&M Window and Door are smooth fiberglass. These panels come primed white or can be painted any color you want. 

  • Wood-Grained Textured Fiberglass: for someone who wants a wood look with an insulated door, this is a great option.  These doors come in a tan color which allows for staining but can also be painted any color you want while still giving some of the wood-grain texture and look. 

  • Steel:  cost a little less than a comparable fiberglass panel. Some manufacturers make steel panels that are not available in a fiberglass panel. 

  • Wood: are typically uninsulated panels and require finishing. 


Depending on what you choose for your door, the warranty will vary.  The door frame, door panel and glass inserts will each have its own warranty.  The length of the warranty will range from ten years to lifetime dependent on the manufacturer involved.  If you choose to have your  door finished with stain or paint this will come with its own warranty.

Working with J & M Window and Door Team


When you contact us for services, our door experts consult with you to understand your requirements over the phone, or we can set an on-site appointment with a sales representative or estimator.


After the correct measurements are confirmed either via phone or in-person consultation, we will talk about the design, color and material for the door.  Once you have decided on the features of the door, we will send you an estimate for the overall services.



In preparation of the installation, we ask for the space to be clear within a couple feet surrounding the door and pets are kept away from the work area.  The installation starts with removing the old door.  The area where the door will be installed is checked for any issues such as wood decay.  Once everything is checked, the process of installation begins and the new door is installed plumb, level and true.



Hardware is installed.  Then our installers do a final cleaning and make sure everything is complete on the install.  They would then check over the door with the homeowner and explain anything that is required.  

Contact J & M Team for Quality Exterior Doors in Winnipeg and Brandon!

J & M Window & Door is your best solution for exterior doors in the Winnipeg and Brandon areas to meet your needs.  Enjoy an honest process, fine craftsmanship and top-quality door installation when you choose J & M Window & Door. Reach out to us today to start the process.

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Need Exterior Doors?

J & M Window & Door brings you an almost infinite variety of exterior doors in the Winnipeg and Brandon areas utilizing different products, materials, styles and designs.

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