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Providing Various Window Types in Winnipeg & Brandon

Here is a brief overview of some of the more popular types of windows that J & M Window and Door will typically install:

Installed picture windows

Picture Windows

A picture window has no moving parts and does not open. Because of this, you have the option of having a much bigger window. They can be combined with other types of windows to allow an expanded view and the ability to create a focal window wall.
picture windows
exterior view of casement windows

Casement Windows

This window type swings outward on hinges. They are opened and shut with the help of a roto-gear and crank that is present at the bottom of the frame. When closed, cam locks act as the locking mechanism on the frame. They pull up the sash against the frame and firmly lock it in position. Casement windows are often used in bedrooms as they will meet egress requirements.
awning windows in a house

Awning Windows

This window type swings outward at the bottom. The most common practice is to have them swing outward, and the window is usually operated with a roto-gear. These windows can't be opened all the way due to the hardware, which makes them perfect for keeping open slightly on a rainy day. This type of window does not meet the egress code.
big house with multiple windows

Single and Double Horizontal Slider

The Single horizontal sliders have one fixed sash and one operable sash and will open only from one end, while double horizontal sliders are both operable, opening from both ends. They have two glazed units in separate sash mounted side by side in the frame. The sash slides horizontally, and most of the designs have at least one removable sash.
Single and double hung vertical slider windows in a room

Single- and Double-hung Vertical Slider

Similar to the Horizontal Slider, the Vertical Single Slider has one fixed sash and one vertical operator sash. They have two glazed units in a separate sash, one above the other in the frame. In a single-hung, the bottom sash slides up to open and down to close. In a double-hung, you can slide both the top and bottom sash up and down to open or close the window. A balancing mechanism is also present that prevents the sash from falling when raised.
room with custom windows

Custom Windows

Choose from colours, shapes, glass options, tint, and size to customize what may become a central focused work of window art. Choose from picture and single hung awning windows to create the look and feel of something unique for your home. We work with you to create the view and impression that you want for any room in your home. The flexibility to combine many types of windows leads to unlimited possibilities in design and function.
Outside view of house windows
room with a bay window

Bay Windows

Few styles outshine a vinyl bay window for adding dimension to a home’s exterior and flooding natural light into interior spaces. Projecting outward from a wall at 30 or 45 degree angles, bay windows create a cozy alcove using any combination of picture, casement or hung windows.
Different kinds of bay windows
living room with installed bow windows

Bow Windows

You can turn almost opening into an instant greenhouse or relaxing nook with a striking bow window. Comprising any combination of at least four individual windows and additionally as many as you want to add. Caution should be taken with Bay and Bow windows as the installation will require structural attention that will require an engineer permit and design.
Bow window
House with installed Hopper windows

Hopper Window

Most hopper windows in Manitoba open at the bottom and swing inward and upward. They are hinged at the top and elevated to 90 degrees in order to meet egress requirements and are most often used in a basement.
Bedroom with tilt and turn windows

Tilt and Turn Windows

They first appeared in Europe but are now available in North America. They feature special hardware that allows the window to either tilt inward like a hopper window, or to swing inward like a door.
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