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Garden Beside the Sea

Get a Perfect Garden Door for your property in Winnipeg and Brandon

J & M Window and Door offers many types of garden doors which will allow us to help you find the right fit for your home style. Garden doors provide easy access to the outside, offer openness and beauty to your home, and allow sunlight into your home or commercial property.

You can customize the garden doors by size or with various hinging and venting options, glass variations, and colours to match your individual needs.

If you are looking to install a garden door to fit your home, contact us today. Our professionals will be happy to assist you.

A garden door could be defined as a door that opens outward, usually double doors with a center mullion (post), typically with one side venting.  Garden doors are typically located at the back of your home leading to a deck, patio or backyard view. These doors usually have full glass panels for maximum light.  Some common glass options are clear glass, glass with grills or triple pane with blinds inside of the glass, however we have many other glass options that will fit into a garden door and allow you to get personalized or as fancy as you want.

Garden Door Materials

A garden door frame can be constructed of many different materials including wood, composite, PVC, fiberglass, or aluminum hybrid. The door panels are usually constructed out of fiberglass or steel.

What Differs Garden Doors from Patio Doors?

A garden door hinges while a patio door slides.

Contact Us

J & M Window and Door has been helping our customers renovate their homes and commercial buildings in Winnipeg and Brandon with windows and doors since 1983. We have a wide selection of garden doors. If you are looking for a garden door which perfectly fits your property in southern Manitoba, reach out to us. Browse our blogs for more information about windows and doors.

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How to Buy a Garden Door in Winnipeg or Brandon

Contact J&M Window and Door to help you find the right type of garden door for your property in Winnipeg or Brandon.  We will send someone out to take measurements, discuss options and get you a free estimate.  Order your door and once your door is ready, our team will do a professional and reliable door installation.

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