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Door Replacement in Winnipeg and Brandon: Upgrade Your Doors

J & M Window & Door is an excellent choice for good quality doors using Canadian door products that are well-suited for our Manitoba weather.  Having been in the business for over 40 years with plenty of experience, we ensure that you get nothing but the best in quality at a great price.


Our doors are designed using some of the finest quality, long-lasting materials that serve all kinds of residential and commercial requirements. Whether it's door replacement, sales, repairs, maintenance, or installation in Winnipeg and Brandon, you can trust our team to provide services that will delight you. To learn more about our services or discuss your needs, please contact us.

Our Offerings

We provide the following:

Steel insulated door

An entry/exterior door is a swinging door with hinges to your house via front, back, or garage.

Garden door

A garden door is a double door that swings with hinges; one side is an operating door and one side is a venting door.

Patio door

A patio door is a multi-panel door that slides on rollers and a track.

Front porch of a house with glass storm door with sidelight

Storm door

A storm door is a secondary door usually put on the outside of an entry door for venting purposes or to keep rain and snow away from the primary door.

Commercial door

Commercial door

Commercial doors, as the name implies, are doors that are specifically manufactured for commercial building purposes.  Commercial doors come in either aluminum or steel. 

For door sales, installations or maintenance, reach out to our experts today.

A Comprehensive Range of Exterior Doors

Doors consist of two distinct pieces, a door frame and a door panel.  Thanks to advances in technology and design, exterior doors can be made from several different materials. Generally, all these materials offer the same design and configuration possibilities. Each material has its strengths and weaknesses and it is important to understand that good-quality exterior doors can be made using any of these materials. What is paramount is a good energy-efficient design.

Types of Residential Exterior Door Frames

Composite frames blend different materials into a single unified material through manufacturing.  Door frames are then manufactured out of this unique new material which is rot proof, insect proof, and stable.


Wood frames have been the most widely used type of door frame since the beginning of doors. Wood is a time tested material and a good choice for door frames.  Wood needs to be protected from the elements outside and will also require paint or stain.  Some companies vinyl wrap the wood for protection and a maitenance free product.


Hybrid frames are usually made of a wood core that has a capping of PVC or aluminum on the exterior.

Types of Residential Exterior Door Panels

Fibreglass exterior doors are constructed similarly to steel exterior doors with wood stiles and rails and an inner core of injected foam. The outer skin is fibreglass. Fibreglass is very strong and durable. In addition to a flat painted surface, fibreglass can also be embossed to give the texture and appearance of wood.

Steel exterior doors are made from a combination of materials. The interior structural components (rails and stiles) are often wood, the inner core is filled with insulating foam and the outer skin is made of galvanized steel. The inner wood structure gives it stability and strength. The foam core provides good insulation, and the steel skins are durable, resistant to warping or rotting, and require little maintenance. Steel exterior doors can be painted in any number of colours. They are also available with pre-finished PVC coatings that simulate a wood-grain finish.

Wood exterior doors are desirable for their natural beauty, good insulating value, and structural strength. They are widely available in various woods ranging from pine, oak, cedar, mahogany, and walnut. However, they require significant protection from the elements and regular maintenance. Manufacturers must treat wood with a preservative to help prevent rotting, but ongoing maintenance is the only way to ensure that your wood exterior door lasts and performs.

Explore Our Patio Door Sashes and Frames

From the types of patio doors to the choice of glass, it is important to explore all the available options to choose the right ones. One of the most important aspects to consider is the door frame material. There are several options available for patio door sashes and frames as well. You can select the one that best compliments your property.

Aluminum frames and sash are robust, lightweight and durable. In addition to its strength, aluminum is low maintenance and resists warping. Aluminum, however, is a high conductor of heat energy and, as such, a significant source of heat loss. To compensate, aluminum frames and sash must incorporate an effective thermal break, such as PVC or urethane, between the inside and outside surfaces to counteract conductive heat loss.

Wood patio doors are desirable for their natural beauty, good insulating value and structural strength. However, they require significant protection from the elements and regular maintenance. Manufacturers must treat wood with a preservative to help prevent rotting, but ongoing maintenance is the only way to ensure that wood lasts and performs. Wood frames and sash are often clad on the exterior with PVC, aluminum or other factory-applied finishes to reduce maintenance requirements and increase durability.

Vinyl (PVC)  has grown in popularity because it is a good thermal performer, lightweight, resistant to the elements and easy to maintain. All vinyl patio doors incorporate reinforcement in the frame and/or panels to maintain structural integrity.  PVC can give you a wood look using a vinyl wrap.  Due to the nature of the PVC material, these patio doors are the only ones that can offer a lifetime warranty.

Fibreglass patio doors are constructed similarly to vinyl patio exterior doors. Fibreglass is very strong and durable. In addition to a flat painted surface, fibreglass can be embossed to give it the appearance of wood.  Unlike vinyl, fibreglass does not need reinforcement to maintain structural integrity.

Combination frames and sash combine two or more of the materials described above. The objective is to capitalize on the best features of each material so that the finished product will provide good thermal performance, durability and strength, and require minimal maintenance.

Explore Our Patio Door Sashes and Frames

J & M Window & Door stands out for its rich collection of doors suitable for every home and commercial space.  Our extensive product range meets the industry’s quality standards, ensuring our clients get value for their money. Whether you're searching for a contemporary design, a classic finish, or custom specifications, our sales team is here to guide you through our vast selection.  With more than four decades in the business, we understand the diverse needs of our customers in Winnipeg and Brandon and strive to meet those with excellence.

Professional Installation Services

Maintenance and Repair Services

Why Use Our Door Replacement Services in Winnipeg?

Are you looking to get a new door or replace your current one? These are a few reasons why J & M  will be a great partner for your needs:

  • We have proudly served Winnipeg, Brandon, and the surrounding areas with quality products and services for over four decades.


  • We are a one-stop shop for all your door-related requirements, from replacement to repair; we do it all.


  • We use high-quality materials to create doors perfectly suitable for Manitoba's weather.


  • We take pride in our work, and our customer-focused approach is something all our clients love about us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still on the fence about door replacement in Winnipeg? Here are a few questions that can make the decision easier for you:

Is a Fire-Rated Door Necessary?

The outside doors in your house do not need to be fire-rated. However, the door to your attached garage must be fire-rated for opening protection. They are constructed using materials that are at least partially fire-resistant to help put out or contain the fire.

Can Replacing Old Doors Save Me Money on Heating and Cooling?

Yes, high-quality replacement doors installed and sealed correctly can significantly impact your heating and cooling expenditures.

How Can I Tell If My Door Has to Be Replaced or If It Can Be Fixed?

One should contact a professional door contractor to determine whether a new door is necessary or if a repair is all you need. Choose a reputable business like ours that provides a free in-house assessment and won't pressure you to replace your windows or doors unless necessary.

How Much Time Does Installing a Door Take?

The size of the door and the overall project will determine how long it takes. Installing a replacement door normally takes four hours.

You can visit the FAQ page or contact our representatives to learn more about doors and our services.

Contact Us for Door Replacement Services in Winnipeg

Our expertise can help you find everything from a basic entry door to your own unique dream door.   We have access to many different manufacturers and can offer options depending on your individual needs. We offer commercial and residential door replacement and repair.  Our team will consider all your requirements and give you an estimate that fits your budget.  You can call us for a consultation or to schedule an appointment.


We Undertake Commercial Projects

Our door replacement services in Winnipeg and Brandon include both aluminum and steel. We strive to offer good quality products at a reasonable price.

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