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Renowned PVC Windows in Winnipeg and Brandon

Are you looking for windows that are energy efficient and require very minimal maintenance? A simple replacement of your old windows with energy-efficient windows can save a lot of your money on energy bills. UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is also commonly called PVC windows. These windows have countless benefits like being weather-resistant, economical, and long-lasting.


J & M Window & Door offers exquisite PVC windows in Winnipeg and Brandon that provide security and smooth functioning. We have a wide range of window collections available in different materials, frames, designs, colours, and textures. We are proud to work with many window manufacturers, which helps us to provide a wide selection of products based on what suits your needs the best. Our years of experience and countless smooth window installations will help guide you to the right window.


Almost all PVC windows start with a white color. The manufacturers add color to their windows in different ways.  Most use paint, and some use a vinyl wrap. If your windows are getting painted, the color selection can be virtually endless, but some companies might only paint one color the whole way through, while others might offer different colors for the interior and exterior. Vinyl wrapping is heat baking a sheet of vinyl into the PVC. Vinyl wrap is very durable and resistant to scratches but is limited in your color selection. However, you could have a realistic wood look using a vinyl wrap while still enjoying the benefits of a PVC window. Some manufacturers are starting to experiment with solid color extrusions.


At J & M Window & Door, we assist you with proper window replacement and installation services that will leave you with beautiful windows that you can enjoy while enhancing your  property value. Get in touch with us today and check out our FAQ sections for queries.

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Benefits of PVC Windows

If your windows are broken, improperly installed, or do not close properly, then rain, snow, or wind can easily penetrate into the window frame or into your home. Replacing your windows can certainly provide better-performing windows and most likely improve your security as well. Below, we have listed some of the essential benefits of PVC windows,

PVC windows are the only type of window that could potentially offer a lifetime warranty due to the durability of the material.
PVC windows are the most cost-effective when compared to wood windows, aluminum windows, or fibreglass windows.
PVC windows are highly energy-efficient. Welded corners ensure locked air chambers which act as insulated pockets.
The maintenance requirement for these windows is very low.
These windows are highly resistant to extreme weather conditions, corrosion, pollution, and breaking.
They are sturdy with a long life span and function properly for many years in favourable conditions.
The noise control property of PVC windows is top-notch, providing a peaceful environment.

PVC Windows in Winnipeg | FAQs

Are you having questions regarding the PVC window or any window? Don't worry; we have answered the frequently asked questions related to windows below:

Can PVC windows offer different types of glass? 

Yes, PVC windows can be built to accommodate different thicknesses of dual or triple pane glass.

What is the maintenance of PVC Windows?

Other than regular cleaning and making sure that drain holes are left open, there is little to no maintenance to keep a quality PVC window in good condition.

How to Clean PVC Windows?

A solution of soapy water is all you really need to keep PVC frames clean. For your glass cleaning, you can use a foaming glass cleaner or simply use soapy water. First, spray some cleaner on your windows and wipe them using a wet cloth. Then use a dry cloth for crystal clear windows.

Why Choose Us for PVC Windows in Winnipeg and Brandon?

Since 1983, J & M Window & Door has been providing optimum solutions for all types of windows. Over the years and as the technology has improved, our focus has primarily been on PVC windows. This is due to price, warranty and what we feel is the best option for windows in today’s marketplace. We have helped many customers like you find the window that meets your requirements.


We also present a comprehensive range of services, including replacement, installation, and repair services.


J & M Window & Door always works with reputable brands to provide customers with innovative solutions. Get PVC windows in Winnipeg and Brandon today, and contact us for more information.

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Looking for Modern Windows?

J & M Window & Door provides premium PVC windows in Winnipeg and Brandon that enhance your house interior.

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