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Should You Replace or Repair a Broken Door?

 a man fixing a door

Doors are a vital part of your home's exterior, impacting both the look of your property and your home security.  If you have a broken or damaged door, do you repair or replace it?   

Keep reading;  we'll cover both of these points below. 

Common Door Issues

If your door isn’t functioning properly, some common issues include doors that stick, get jammed, or don't close right.  This could be because your door panel or door frame has become warped, your house has shifted or the age of the door.

Some fixes you might be able to handle on your own, such as applying new weather stripping or adding a secondary weather stripping to stop drafts.  Changing or adding a new door sweep might also increase functionality and can be relatively easy to do. Some doors might need to be shaved down to once again fit inside the frame.  For more severe problems, you'll need to call a professional to repair doors.

If the glass on your door is broken or cracked, you may be able to simply replace the glass by calling a door repair professional.

Check for anything that appears out of place. Sometimes problems can be caused by a loose screw or hardware that isn’t aligned properly.  

Squeaking hinges are another common issue that's easy to fix with a spray lubricant.  You may need to replace the hinges or the hinge screws. These can warp or wear out over time, so this is a common fix.

If your door handle or deadbolt is not closing properly, make sure to check the strike plates, which can come loose after repeated use.  It should be straight and secure. Tightening the screws may address the problem.  Sometimes the strike plates may need to be adjusted.  

For anything beyond your knowledge, we advise you to seek a door repair professional.


Should You Repair or Replace a Broken Door?

Whether you should repair or replace the door depends on the severity of the damage.  If the issue is an easy fix, like replacing the hardware or adding some type of weather stripping, you may not need a replacement. 

If your door panel or door frame has been physically broken, repairs can be done but you will continue to see the damage and this area will be prone to break again.  Most often a replacement is suggested or the best solution.  

 Millions of Canadians have been victims of a home invasion. The security of your family and your property is paramount.  Ensuring you have quality doors that lock correctly will help provide peace of mind for your home’s security.  Not only will it improve your curb appeal, but you'll feel safer as well. 

J & M Window and Door can help you repair and replace your doors.  We offer services such as weather stripping, adjustments, glass replacement, and more.  When it's time to upgrade, we have a variety of high-quality options. 

Trusted Door Replacement and Repair Services in Winnipeg and Brandon

 J & M Window & Door has been providing professional door replacement and repair services in the Winnipeg and Brandon areas for decades. We can help you upgrade your home's exterior and interior doors.

If you need door repair or would like to upgrade your doors, contact us today. 



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