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Will Replacing Windows Save on Energy Costs?

A contractor is installing a new window

Have you noticed a spike in your energy bills lately?  If so, consider replacing windows. Newly installed windows will significantly save you money. In this article, we'll cover the best types of window frames, the advantages of double or triple panes, and how making the switch to energy-efficient windows can benefit you in the long run.

Different Window Frame Materials

When selecting windows for your home, the material of the window frames plays a pivotal role that goes beyond aesthetics. Materials like wood, aluminum, and vinyl each have their own pros and cons when it comes to insulation and durability.

For example, wood frames are good for insulation but may require more maintenance. Aluminum frames are durable but can be less energy-efficient. Vinyl, on the other hand, combines the best of both worlds: it's sturdy and provides great insulation.


The Benefits of Sealed Units When Replacing Windows

A sealed unit is made when we take two or three sheets of glass which are separated by a spacer to leave an air gap.  This air space can be filled with oxygen or have a warmer gas such as argon or krypton pumped and locked in.  The argon or krypton can offer an added layer of insulation against heat transfer.

Dual pane or triple pane windows have become increasingly popular for a good reason.  It is rare nowadays to have windows constructed using single pane glass, the majority of window companies are using either dual or triple pane sealed units.

The design of sealed units can make them highly energy-efficient, which can be particularly beneficial during Manitoba's freezing winters and warm summers.  With a double or triple pane window, you'll find it easier to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature while also potentially saving on energy bills.

Making the Right Choice for Your Windows in Our Manitoba Weather

Manitoba weather can be harsh, with cold winters and hot summers, demanding a lot from your windows. This is why it's important to choose windows that are up to the task and will give you what you want.

The type of the window you choose will dictate the energy efficiency rating.  Crank out windows such as casement or awning windows are always more efficient than friction based slider windows.

Glass can also be coated with a film to add energy efficiency.  The most common is a Low E coating which can be applied to the pieces of glass.  This coating will stop most of the harmful UV rays from entering your space and can block some of the heat coming from the sun.  There are different types of Low E coatings such as hard coat or soft coat and depending on which layer of glass they are applied to will change the window’s overall energy rating.

In our Manitoba climate, we find that most people will be comfortable with triple pane, Low E coated, argon filled windows.  This is the standard we have used at J & M Window & Door for many years to offer energy-efficient designs.  

It should also be noted when replacing windows how important a proper and professional installation can be.  Making sure air gaps are properly sealed and the space between the window frame and your wall is correctly insulated, will lead to an overall better performing, more energy efficient window.


Our Services at J & M Window & Door

When you're ready to upgrade your windows, J & M Window & Door is here to help. We offer comprehensive window replacement services to meet all your needs.

From helping you choose the right windows for Manitoba weather to providing professional installation, we ensure a seamless process from start to finish. Our extensive selection of window offerings means you're sure to find the perfect fit for your home.

Seal the Deal and Choose Energy Efficiency Today

Replacing windows can do more than elevate the aesthetics of your home; it's an investment in your comfort and, ultimately, in your home. The initial cost may give you pause, but consider it a down payment on years of lower energy bills.  

When purchasing a home in Manitoba, most people are unsure of the quality of the windows put in.  However, it is understood that dual pane windows are not as good as triple pane windows.  When you go to sell your home, you will always get the investment made in adding triple pane windows back on the selling price. 

At J & M Window & Door, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch window replacement services in the Winnipeg and Brandon areas designed to meet your specific needs. Reach out to J & M Window & Door  to help make your home more energy-efficient.



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