To Clad or Not To Clad.........

Well......this morning I went over to a customers' home to finalize a window job. The home is about 25 years old (fairly typical age for when wood windows need to be replaced) and somewhere along the way, a previous owner decided it would make the windows appear new again, by installing aluminum cladding over the exterior wood. I get asked a lot, "Can we just replace the inside part of the window, put in an insert?" and "Does your company do cladding?"

The short answers are "Yes" and "No!!!". Yes, we can install insert windows into old frames, provided the wood frames have been properly maintained and they show no signs of decay. And no, we will NOT clad an old wooden frame. The reason we will not clad is because cladding does way more harm than good. Moisture gets trapped between the metal and the wood, and in summer, it turns into a bit of an oven.......heating and rotting the wood, far quicker than if the wood were left unpainted and exposed to the elements. You have to ask yourself......."Why would I invest in new windows and doors, only to see the devastation of rotted wood (because of cladding) only a few years after my initial investment?".

Anyways, back to my customers' get the proper measurements of the old windows, I had to remove all of the cladding. Let's just say that we aren't replacing these a moment too soon.........have a look at the pictures below:

#Rottenwood #Claddinggonewrong

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